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Wheelchair to Car Transfer Seats

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Helping Make Cars More Accessible

For those who struggle to get in and out of a vehicle safely or for wheelchair users who prefer to drive or ride in the vehicle seat, these specialty vehicle seating options simplify the process at Team Glen Mills Mobility. Avoid the struggle with odd angles and cramped spaces with a transfer seat that rotates to provide more space for you or your loved ones to maneuver.

Maintain Independence in Style with Team Glen Mills Mobility

The Turny Evo rotating seat lift makes entering and exiting tall vehicles easy and strain-free. And because it can be installed in over 150 SUVs, minivans, and trucks, you can keep your independence and your style.

In addition, some BraunAbility wheelchair-accessible vehicles come with Flip-N-Fold Seating and Step-and-Roll Seating for added seating flexibility. Due to serious safety concerns, BraunAbility does not offer interchangeable front seats and recommends consumers educate themselves on the risks before purchasing an accessible van equipped with that feature.

Turny Swivel Car Seat

The BraunAbility Turny seat is available for installation on a wide range of vehicle brands and models and is a great solution for someone with limited leg strength or mobility to safely enter or exit a vehicle. Unlike the conversion vehicle transfer seat, this rotating seat lift is accessed from the exterior of the vehicle. By using a remote or your smartphone, the seat exits, lowers, and turns outside of the vehicle to aid in your transfer.

B&D Transfer Seat

The BraunAbility B&D Transfer Seat allows the vehicle seat to rotate to face the center of an accessible vehicle, allowing for easy transfers from the wheelchair into the driver or front passenger seats.

Installing a transfer seat in the driver or front passenger area of a vehicle is a safe and comfortable solution for many customers. Transfer seats retain all factory seat features like lumbar support, adjustment features like tilting, and leather, if applicable.

Does BraunAbility Offer Interchangeable Seats?

BraunAbility recognizes that for some consumers, it would be very convenient to have the ability to interchange seats during travel, making it possible for the wheelchair user to switch from driver to passenger on long trips. That may sound like a convenient feature for some, but interchangeable seating is simply not safe.

The Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (FMVSS) are the legal guardrails that ensure the safety of vehicle occupants, and automakers have evolved their engineering and design to meet those evolving standards. Airbags integrated within the vehicle’s seats are one of the more recent advancements all automakers have incorporated. These airbags are specifically designed to protect the seat occupants based on whether the seat is in the driver or passenger position. If those seats are interchanged, the course of the air bag deployment is altered or disabled altogether. Removing the protection of the air bag where it was intended to deploy leaves the seat occupant more vulnerable to injury.

For that reason, BraunAbility has put the safety of our customers first and has opted not to offer interchangeable seating.

Frequently Asked Questions About Mobility Vehicles

See some answers to common questions about our products and their functionality. If you have additional inquiries or need further information, please don't hesitate to contact us directly. We're here to assist you in finding the right transfer seat solution for your needs!

To make the transfer of an individual from a wheelchair to a car easily, consider a BraunAbility Turny Evo seat. The seat swivels out and down to the level of the wheelchair, making the transfer less strenuous.

One effective way to transfer a wheelchair to a car is to use the BraunAbility Chair Topper wheelchair carrier. Once you’ve transferred into your car, the Chair Topper lifts and stores your wheelchair in the weatherproof rooftop compartment.

There are many ways to transfer a wheelchair depending on the type of wheelchair and your vehicle. Some wheelchairs can fold or collapse to easily fit into the cabin of your vehicle. More rigid wheelchairs require special equipment like a BraunAbility Chair Topper. A power wheelchair may require an accessible vehicle manufactured by a mobility provider like BraunAbility.

To better understand if Medicare or state or local government funding sources will cover the cost of a transport chair, consider contacting your local BraunAbility mobility dealer.

Adaptive Mobility Equipment

In the years since we opened our doors, the term handicapped equipment and handicap mobility  has come to mean many more things and comprise a larger range and variety of products to assist the individual person. Learn more about Glen Mills Mobility’s assistive equipment & resources, today.

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